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# 2 in the Florida Glaze series. 

Chemistry this explosive can’t stay hidden for long…

Prestyn Caine doesn’t want to be known as a “hotel princess.” She wants to be recognized by the men in her family for who she is - a strong and confident business woman. Instead, she finds herself banging on the glass ceiling her great-grandfather put in place long ago. As if that wasn’t enough, her one foray into dating ended with her accidentally being the “other woman.” Needless to say, her faith in men is dwindling quickly.

Nick Williams hates wearing the title of Tampa’s Bachelor of the Year. He shies from any additional publicity of being a professional hockey player. Even dating without being hounded by the media doesn’t seem like a possibility. It doesn’t help to discover the untoward way his sister’s marriage fell apart. Any ability he had to trust others is quickly evaporating.

Still, despite the tumultuous way their paths cross, Prestyn and Nick have an undeniable attraction. With their busy careers and mutual disdain for the spotlight, a no-strings attached non-relationship is an ideal setup for both of them.

As long as they can keep their feelings in check, it doesn’t matter how much things heat up… right?

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