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Prequel to the Florida Glaze series. 

Playing with Fire is a 9,000 word introduction to how Tucker and Lacy met. It leads into Under Fire, set five years later when their paths cross again…

Sometimes the burn is worth it...

After shooting the winning point in his first professional hockey game, Tucker Hayes is looking to blow off some steam. A swanky night club in the team’s fancy hotel is the perfect place to do that. When he catches sight of a beautiful bombshell who seems just as interested in him, it seems he might be able to score for the second time tonight.

Finally doing life on her own terms, Lacy Hawkins is ready to take a break from the college books and have a night of sexy fun. Being able to let her hair down and act on her impulses is all she’s ever wanted, so it’s a no brainer to approach the huge, sexy man that’s caught her eye.

All Lacy and Tucker are looking for is one night together. One night to scratch an itch.

As their attraction sparks and their chemistry ignites, they’ll soon find out they’re playing with fire….


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