In the game of Online Dating, names can be deceiving…
CEO Harrison Steven McGinnis is incognito. Better to use a fake name while online dating when
money, connections, and his famous company are on the line.
To save himself from the gold diggers of the world, he hides his face and changes his name to
Steve, and still manages to make an amazing connection with a woman named Felicity.

New Year? New boyfriend?
Accountant Felicity Thompson is working late. Committed to meeting her year-end goal, she
isn’t leaving her desk until the job is done. Her reward? A date with Steve.
If only the light above her desk would stop flashing, and the run-in with the mega-hot
maintenance man would stop making her squirm in her desk chair.
Suddenly, work is taking longer to finish and her date with Steve? Doesn’t feel so exciting. Not
when she can’t get her mind off of Harry.
Can her New Year’s Eve be saved?
Who will be waiting for her when the ball drops at mid night?

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