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Read the Texas Mutiny series in one complete box set!

Juked (Texas Mutiny #1) - When team captain Daniel Zavarro and new single mom Quincy Watson begin to cross paths unexpectedly and often, an unlikely friendship starts to evolve. Feelings change. Lines get crossed. Before they know it-- they’ve been Juked.

Groupie (Texas Mutiny #2) - My body is no one’s business but mine. So why is Rowen Flanigan making me re-think how I live my life? Making me question my choices? He’s only a rookie.

Goalie (Texas Mutiny #3) - Letting the fame and notoriety go to his head, Santo DeGuajarado lost the things he loved the most… his wife and kids. Now he has one shot to make it right before losing at this relationship game and he’s determined not to miss this time.

Megged (Texas Mutiny #3.5) - When a misunderstanding makes them realize they’re finally on the same page, Santos and Mari must decide what’s most important to them. But this time, it’ll be Mari’s way or nothing.

Deflected (Texas Mutiny #4) - When a new and unexpected development suddenly arises, Tiffany and Rowen realize all their carefully made plans are about to become irrelevant. Things will never be the same when their lives are deflected.

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