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Book 5, The Hart Series

Failure is not an option…

My name is Paul Franklin.

You might remember me as Jaxon Hart’s former boss. Now, I go by a different title – entrepreneur. As the owner of a flailing bar, work is my life. With every penny of my savings on the line, living on the property doesn’t even feel like a hardship so much as a necessity.

I expected lots of late nights when I bought this place. What I didn’t expect was a new employee that I can’t keep my mind off of no matter how hard I try.

As a single mom, Kiersten Willoughby’s sole focus is on providing for her son. Yet another reason to keep my hands off of her and stay focused on my goals. She doesn’t need the distractions that come with a new relationship any more than I do. But it feels almost impossible to stay away, especially when she takes her breaks moving on the dance floor, like she knows seeing her sway is my kryptonite.

Still, I’m determined to stay away because complications mean failure, and that is not an option. Success if the only thing good enough for both of us. Nothing else matters. 

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