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Book 6, The Hart Series

No one has ever wanted me so why would she?

My name is Kade Maxwell.

You probably don’t remember me. I’m not a rich athlete. I’m not a bar owner. Hell, I’m not even in medical school like the guy I thought was my older brother. I’m just a college guy with no family trying to figure out the direction my life is taking.

That means taking classes, gaming with my online friends and working behind the counter of a premiere sports bar. I enjoy it. I make good tips and have regular social interaction with interesting people. Unfortunately, that social interaction has taken an awkward turn now that the woman I love from a distance is slinging drinks behind the bar with me.

As the soon-to-be sister-in-law of my boss, Nicole Willoughby is off-limits. Not just because she’s too good for me — and with her beauty both inside and out, she is — but because she’s still healing from the worst kind of betrayal. It makes my stomach turn just thinking about the abuse she suffered at her ex’s hands.

When he begins poking around in her new life, I instinctively know someone like me, who no one would call an alpha male, could never protect her. But I can offer up the empty bedroom in my apartment so she never has to fear being alone. It seems to be a solution that works for everyone, except maybe my bleeding heart. But I’ll put up with it as long as she is safe.

Because I’d rather have her as a friend and a roommate than not have her at all.

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