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Book 7, The Hart Series

Liam and Ellery's story will be here November 11, 2021!

When you’ve always been the balanced one, life sends you an unexpected slip...


My name is Ellery McIlroy.


A former college gymnast, I’ve settled into the adult life I worked so hard for. Great relationship? Check. Solid career? Check. Planned out future? Check. I may be predictable, but at least life never throws me for a loop. Until it does. 


Unceremoniously dumped by my long-time boyfriend, I’m left stunned, with nothing left but my job. And it gets worse—I work for his mother. 


Broken and alone, I venture out into a stormy night to drown my sorrows. Ellery McIlroy, the good, reliable girl, was ready to take a drunken risk for the first time in seven years. 


I didn’t expect a stranger in that bar to flip my world upside down. 


As the center forward for the San Antonio Slingers, Liam is at a crossroads in his career. Feeling his own kind of brokenness, he has every right to be angry at the world. But with me, he’s the opposite. 


Liam helps me find the courage to explore and try new things. To stand up for myself. To put myself first for once. And I want to do the same for him. We may not make sense, the former gymnast and the hockey player, but somehow we work in ways no one never imagined possible. 


Turns out that when you have a hand to hold on to, it’s a lot easier to stick your landing.

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