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Books 4 - 7 of The Hart Series

The Hart Series, Matters Edition, follows Jaxon Hart and his college friends as they navigate life and love as adults.

This box set includes:

Matters to Me (Hart Series Book #4) - Heath and Lauren are practically sworn enemies, but as athletes, they may have more in common than they first think.

Matters to You (Hart Series Book #5) - You're not supposed to be attracted to your employee, but Paul may not have a choice when single-mom Kiersten is hired to work at his bar.

Matter of Time (Hart Series Book #6) - Kade is determined to pine for Nicole from afar while she heals from an abusive relationship, but a change in circumstance forces them to be closer than ever.

Matter of Fact (Hart Series Book #7) - In an instant, the trajectory of Ellery's life completely changed. Good thing Liam is there to help her pick up the pieces, while she helps him try to navigate the next stage of his life.

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