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Charitable Endeavors

Series: Volume One 

Dive deep into the book world with the first three books in the Charitable Endeavors series!

Switch Stance - Best selling sports romance author Adeline Snow (also known as Aggi to her friends) accidentally meets her secret skateboarding muse Spencer Garrison. Even worse, now she has to go on a promotional tour with him! What's an awkward author to do?

Ear Candy - Best selling erotic romance author Donna Moreno is determined to track down Hawk Weaver, the perfect narrator for her next book. Little does she know he's right in front of her and really goes by the name Todd Chimolski!

Model Behavior -Carrie Mibooks is her blogger name. Staying celibate until there is a ring on her finger is her game. But the joke is on her when cover model Matthew Roberts accidentally invades her personal life. And he's nothing like she first thought.

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