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A FriendTrip Novella

“A wedding is a joyous time; a time to celebrate love and relationships. A time to begin a new life with the one your heart has chosen. It’s also the time your best friend becomes an absolute nightmare as you plan your wedding…”

Janine has finally found the love of her life in the place she least expected it: work. With a new engagement and an impending wedding, life couldn’t get any better for Janine and her fiancé, Dan. Or could it?

Becky is quickly becoming “Matron-of-Honor-zilla.” But with her best friend’s nuptials looming—and little time to plan—she is determined give Janine the gift of WeddedBliss and the wedding of her dreams.

Even if it kills her. Or Janine.

Or both.

If anyone makes it to the alter, it'll be a miracle...

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