They’re going to have the ride of their lives…

Greer Declan is finally settling into her new town. After a nasty divorce and an ex who ended up in prison (isn’t karma great sometimes?), it was finally time to start somewhere new. That somewhere is Flinton, Texas… home of Vikings football, her big brother Jack, and All Hands Farm – a dairy farm that specializes in helping special needs high schoolers learn vital life skills.

Grayson Whitman, known as Ace to his friends, has spent his life taking care of others. From his mother, to his brother, to the kids in the specialized program he runs, his life has never really been his own. He’s not complaining. He’s just… bored. That is, until Greer’s son Oli joins the program.

Neither have conventional situations But Greer and Ace quickly learn that life’s difficulties are actually what makes it amazing.

© 2019 Author M.E. Carter. 

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